Wednesday, April 6, 2016 teaser trailer coming on April 15th, 4 Day PR warm up blitz to follow!

Grand News my followers! will not only be fully up and running in just 13 days, but I am pleased to announce, I will be launching a full fledged aggressive PR blitz for it and for the Movement beginning Next Thursday. We will be gathering and asking people to get all aboard the  Freight Train of Hype!

First, on April 15th, on YT, we will be uploading a NEW Teaser trailer detailing the new site and revealing for the first time the full name of the site as well as the link to its Message Board! When you view and share the trailer, you finally get full access into the NEW message board which I promise you 100% will be fully ready on Thursday April 14,2016.

Remember to share the Video and share the
Operation Razor Proposal  listed at the bottom!

Second, I am seriously considering chatting and messaging several select YT Channels with at least 400k subscribers each which because these channels are 100% Pro SEGA hardware, I am completely confident that they will ALL sign Operation Razor's proposal, which when factor in 2 other Channels on YT that want change(predicting another crash) and are rooting for NX, that's MORE than enough to get  officially moving!

Third and final, There's plenty of Groundbreaking and Revolutionary Features that my site and community will have. It not only gives  REAL GAMERS a voice, it will also allow YOU to be a marketing director and businessman/businesswoman. Giving YOU the power to change the industry.

This is the Hastag: #ReviveThe4thGen.

Let's Do all together and Look out for the Trailer on April 14th!!!!


  1. Sounds awesome, can't wait!

    Btw, I hope y'all will handle DC2 better than Nintendo has handled the NX. They have been vague with information and release of it since announcement and have let these rumors and supposed leaks go rampant. It is driving me mad!

    1. Thanks.

      Regarding NX rumors and leaks, you probably should take them with grain of salt.

      First of all, that Reddit link is pretty erroneous. NDAs are also used by Nintendo as well. Everything claimed on there would get the person in serious legal trouble and fired from the company.

      Second, NX is likely not launching this year at all. More likely, the handheld/mobile side device will be launching this year.

      And final, Reddit is normally not credible. Most of the time, its somebody trolling for attention to feed desperate rumors.

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