Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sega officially revealed. First Look Preview.

As of April 14,2016, I am pleased and honored to announce that on Next Tuesday, will officially launch Next Tuesday(The Trailer will be uploaded Tomorrow), The full site will be up and running by late Tuesday Afternoon/

Here's the First Official Preview of Sega United, basically the "Our Objective":

About Sega United,

SEGA is both a NEW SEGA Video Game Site and Community that’s both 100% Pro SEGA(100% Pro Hardware) and 100% Pro Gamer. Sega United and its incoming Parent Company G***** Enterprises,LLC is also a Grass Roots Movement to bring complete, comprehensive change to the game industry designed to expose and end the corruption and despicable practices encouraged and influenced by the Entertainment Software Association, that is our main objective.

So your probably wondering how exactly do we plan accomplishing that? We have 5 MAIN objectives:

Objective#1: Support the Operation Razor Indie Game Proposal. 1 Million. ONE MILLION Signatures and Backers is all it will take for both the Razor console to happen for SEGA to be revived, stronger,bigger,better and SMARTER. SEGA is the last great White hope of real video gaming. And the only Former Home Console maker that is STILL alive and kicking. Atari is DEAD. Mattel Electronics is long defunct, so is Coleco and NEC abandoned video gaming over 20 years ago. Sega Dreamcast wasn’t just a cliffhanger in a Video Gaming saga, it was TRULY the last Video Game Console that had HEART and SOUL. No other console has left such an emotional impact more then the Dreamcast has.

With 1 Million supporters and Sega United, YOU can be among those who shapes and MOLDS The Razor into the console both you want and Gamers want by supporting both SEGA and Operation Razor and it's parent company  A******* Games,LLC Proposal. You not only will have a voice, YOU will also help make history and submit your ideas, envisions,ambitions and imagination. Instead of SEGA marketing,strategizing and pushing The Razor console by themselves and being faced with such a large mountain of skepticism,hate, hyperbole and blatant prejudice, you can help them and they will stand with you.

Objective #2: Help campaign and push for more SEGA games and IPs to get PC and Steam ports. We know PC fans. We know how much you love and respect SEGA and really want to support them. On Sega United, you’ll have the freedom to port beg and ask for as many Sega games old and new to be brought to the PC. In the community, your voice will be heard, not overlooked in a sea of Sony infested shill Pond Scum on a so called “Major Game Message Board”.

Objective# 3: Help push the Nintendo NX as a REAL Nintendo console and GAMER’s console. Even though we are called Sega United, We support Nintendo to. But we don’t support the “Wii Nintendo, the Satoru Iwata+Reggie Fils Aim” Nintendo. We support the REAL Nintendo. The Nintendo that loved its gamers and had competitive hardware talent always consistently having the upper hand with technology over SEGA time and time again. The Nintendo that made GREAT,powerful hardware, not underpowered, gimmicky unappealing junk. The Nintendo who had a knack for GREATNESS in 1st party Game talent and passion for game art. And for Nintendo to have BETTER 3rd party relations this time around.

We at SU, are giving REAL Nintendo fans(, TRUE Nintendo fans who grew up on the NES,SNES,N64) the chance to shape the NX by shutting off all the propaganda and overcompensated rumors. You will have an opportunity to influence and knock sense into Nintendo to being smart,wise and competitive. We sincerely believe Nintendo CANNOT stay afloat without SEGA as their contender(as the Wii U has proved, and the Wii novelty running thin after just 3 years) a Console Market with just Nintendo without SEGA is like a “Ying without a Yang”.

Nintendo was a game company with lots of GREATNESS. Not Sony. That GREATEST was lost with Sega’s departure in 2001. Everything Nintendo had hoped GameCube would become was marred by the lost of its one,true opponent. Because of that, GameCube floundered in mediocrity, TRUE Nintendo fans should remember that the GC was not designed to play Sega games. It was designed as Nintendo’s answer to Dreamcast. Nintendo had hoped GC would be to Dreamcast, what Super Famicom was to Mega Drive. With snakes like Isao Okawa pulling the plug after taking over Sega, and soreheaded people like Satoru Iwata coming in and trying to make Nintendo more of a game brand he preferred “Kid and Family Friendly only and Anti Hardcore Gamer”, Nintendo was forced to appeal to the lowest common denominator with Wii, an underpowered, primitive redesigned and repackaged GameCube, and although you can argue it was successful, its success was very short lived, fizzling out after only just 3 years.

We believe that there is nothing Nintendo should be proud of regarding the “Wii” brand. Our hope is that Wii U’s dismal failure has taught them a valuable lesson. We are very optimistic about NX and that Nintendo will return to Greatness.

GREATNESS AWAITS with NX. But only if YOU clamor for Nintendo to show it.

Objective #4: Bring Back Japanese Game Dominance to the Forefront.

Back in the mid 80s and ALL of the 90s. Japanese Game Publishers ruled the Roster. Legendary Japanese publishers like Capcom,Konami,Sqaure,Atlus, Irem,SNK, Techos Corp, Husdon Soft, Taito, just to name a few. These publishers and developers put out memorable, NOTEWORTHY titles that are STILL talked about to this day. They weren’t Generic First Person Shooters recycled every year. They WEREN’T shovelware open world games with little ingenuity and poor replay value, they were overhyped,overmarketed, Cinematic shallow titles. They were GAME titles. Developed with PASSION, DEDICATION. TALENT and EFFORT. Not this cheaply executed,over-budgeted, overblown,over-marketed HALF-ASSED junk.

REAL Games. They made REAL Games for Gamers. Today, we are utterly crestfallen to see how far they’ve fallen and feel utter pity and shame for them. Publishers like CAPCOM and Konami are condemmed and reduced to irrelevancy and have soured consumers. While greedy, corrupt publishers like ActivisionBlizzard get a free pass. Althewhile, the Japanese console business continues to falter as PS4 sells utterly poorly each week with an abysmal attach rate.

We WANT these struggling publishers to return to being the LEGENDS again. This is why the ESA must be STOPPED.

Objective #5: BOYCOTT GameStop Incorporated completely. GameStop,Inc is one of the most, shady, crooked, morally bankrupt companies in existence. They abuse their low level employees with underpay, bullying, intimidation, nepotism and EXPLOIT Consumers and Customers with Deceptive Business Practices, Profiteering,Pestering Marketing Tactics, Illegal Sales by refusing refunds, and permitting STOLEN games to be traded in. Stereotypical Sales Tactics of thinly veiled racism and sexism(by hiring Mostly Women who dress up and wear makeup and People of Color) Intentionally hire people with little to no knowledge about games to insure a Game sale even if said game has poor quality, Treats all of its customers like Disposable Commodities, Opens, Plays and Reseals NEW games then turns around and sells them like NEW ,Damages Games and Accessories, Shills ALL games through Game Informer regardless of Game Quality, and last but not least: Uses Illegible Ink for ALL receipts so that Customer can get swindled and assure that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

These horrible, ungodly and EVIL business practices are what goes on everyday at GameStop. We encourage, advise ALL SU members and all gamers to never, EVER do business with GameStop, period. Buy Games at Best Buy or Walmart or online. If you want to buy in person, Google a Retro Game Store in your County. There is one in your Area, I guarantee it.

GameStop and ESA both conspired together to put down EB Games and GameCrazy out of business and they succeeded. Don’t let them win.

Understand this, back in the 16 bit days, both Nintendo AND SEGA had a “Seal of Quality” on their games. Those Seals weren’t just labels, they actually MEANT SOMETHING.

Join US. United We Stand, As Gamers.


  1. To any Project Dream staff member(you know who you are) and to DC Revival FB group members, Please read this disclaimer: Sega United is NOT an affiliate of Project Dream, nor am I or any of of my Administrators claiming to be so nor our we claiming to be Staff Members . I am NOT involved with Project Dream in anyway and are only striving to help raise awareness for them.

    Sega United has other groups it wants to endorse and help as well.

    Any to those still doubting, Sega United is a PAID for, professional site and community. NOT a Blog. It runs on a GoDaddy Host(which COSTS Hundreds of Dollars a year to operate.)

    It's Main Forum/Community is powered by Phbpp Version 3.1, which is a Forum Software Application that's known for its complex and difficult to program nature thus it is LEGIT and perfectly legal.

    1. I thought you said you WERE part of project dream? I'm confused.
      Also, I have a couple issues with these objectives.

      Objective 1:
      Let me start off by saying that I am absolutely pro Sega hardware. They have more than enough funds to give it a shot, and many people have fond memories of the consoles. However, can you explain to me the argument about the Dreamcast being the last console with heart and soul? I teally loved my GameCube and you even said it was Nintendo's answer to the Dreamcast later in Objective 3 which is somewhat contradictory.

      Objective 2:
      No real issues here, I agree 100% that Sega should port more stuff to PC (which they even said they'd do). Although, while I do agree Sony fanboys are pretty bad this generation, all fanboys have been pretty bad imo.

      Objective 3:
      Again, I agree with the main objective (we need to make sure the NX is successful), but there's still a few problems. First off, as I've said before, the gamecube was a great hardcore console. I don't agree with what you said about the Wii only being for the casual "lowest common denominator". While there were more games for casuals yes, there were several great hardcore titles. Things like, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Xenoblade Chronicles, Madworld, No More Heroes 1 and 2, Skyward Sword, and great Sega titles like Sonic Colors and a Samba de Amigo remake. Also, what's your beef with Sony? PlayStation's a pretty good brand for the most part and has plenty of great titles. Are you really resentful of them beating Sega when you and I know it was mostly a couple of Sega executives fault.

      Objective 4:
      Huh boy, this one has to be the worst of these objectives. First of all, I don't even know how we're supposed to pull this off. Are we going to walk into each of the millions of gamer households and force them to buy Japanese games? The preference for western developed games is not something we can exactly control. Also, never mind the fact that one of the main reasons the Genesis was successful was that it appealed to western audiences with violent shooters and sports games. As a person who is as passionate of Sega's history like yourself, you should have known that.
      Then there's the ESA. I do agree that the ESA has done anti consumer things in the past (like defending draconian anti piracy laws) and that corrupt companies like ActivisionBlizzard and Ubisoft are part of it. But you know who else is part of it? Capcom, Nintendo, PlayStation, and BandaiNamco. So should we or should we not support these Japanese companies?

      Objective 5:
      I do not even know why you included this one. While I seem to be in that minority of people thst have had zero issues with their local GameStop (mine was even cool enough to take me to the back room and review security footage to help find a lost card), many gamers can't stand GameStop. Due to other retailers having better deals and the rise of digital distribution, they have already been heading the way of blockbuster anyway.

  2. I am quite saddened that the whole dreamcast petition has most probably disbanded since, and that could mean Sega has no interest with the project anymore, I hope not however. and snkbout what do you think about this new development, and what will you do next?

    1. We at Sega United already started a new campaign called "Operation Razor"on May 16th. Our debut trailer will premiere at E3 at the Gorilla indie marketing section between Atlus USA and Sega of Europe's booth.

      Please visit Sega United's site and forum for more details at and

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  5. Hi, snkbout
    What do ypu think of the consporacy that Nintendo killed Gunpei Yokpo? What other dark secrets does Nintendo have?

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